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Published September 24, 2013 by wana93

In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful. Peace be upon to our beloved Prophet.


       Nowadays, many people especially women, talk about beauty. What is the definition about beauty? Beauty is the characteristic of a person, animal, place, object or idea that provide aperceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. Beauty is also something that very attractive and giving pleasure to the senses. Our Prophet, had said that “Allah is beautiful. And He love beauty.” So, as a man and women, especially Muslim, we must look beauty.

As we know, beauty is actually something that we cannot describe it very detail because it is a subjective matter. The truely beauty comes from our inside, means our heart. Thats why English aphorism said, “Dont judge a book by its cover”. Somebody that have a beauty from only outside theirself, we cannot sure and comfirm that he or she have a good attitude. But, we can sure that when someone have their own beauty comes from their inside, they really having a good performance and attitude. Thats why we always hear this popular quote, “Beauty is in eyes of the beholder”.

In addition to this, we really need beauty to improve our own self-esteem. Our dresses must come forward beauty. Our talk or idea must look beauty. Our behaviour also must being beauty. This is important to make people attract and feel comfortable with us. Usually, people will easy attract to someone that has a higher self-esteem in theirself. That is one of the reason why we need to be a beauty person. It will help us easier our job or studygroup to work and help each other.

Last but not least, when beauty is already in ourself, especially women, people begin to pay attention to us, listen to us and ask about our idea and opinion. We will also get more respectful. Beauty will make us feel better and increase our self-confidence too.

To sum up, every women is already beautiful and have their own specialities and beautifulness. They deserved to be appreciated, respected and admired. They also will be more happier and friendly to socialize with others. Beauty is actually the secret weapon of success.



Published March 2, 2013 by wana93

Assalamualaikum. Hi! Today, I want to start updating blog with English language (in my new category – Lets English!). And also Arabic languange (maybe next). Insya-Allah. 🙂

Why? Why I learn English? First of all, English is a languange that can be use to most of people in the world today. Right? It makes me easy to communicate with others especially people at overseas. English also easy my way to talk and give a preach to people especially for non-muslim. We can share our information that are relate to our religion (Islam) to them with our writing and talk.


Sincerely, I really weak in this language. My English is not very well.  Yes! Its true! I dont lie to you! But, my teachers had said that we must try and try until we get that languange. Dont ever give up and dont afraid with our grammar mistakes. Because, we learn from mistakes. 🙂

My teacher also told that she had an experience argued or discussed with American boy that are anti-marriage. That American boy is also anti with Islam. So, my teacher asked to us,

“Can you imagine if I dont know to speak English with that person? What will he think about Muslim people? What will we answer to Allah when we dont spread the message of Islam to non-muslim people?”

And that story makes me wonder. Insya-Allah, I will try. 🙂

To make my English well, I try to do a lot of things. Sometimes, I read New Strait Times. I like to read to English blog likes Aiman Azlan blog, MatLutfi, Dena Bahrin and Langit Ilahi too (in English part). I also love watch to the vloggers. I follow Aiman Azlan and Matlutfi and IniAnwarHadi vlog. I also watch English movie especially 3D animations. For example, Sharkboy and Lava Girl, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Spiderwick and so on. I watch Home Alone too. I love that movie because I can learn something about life at that movie. Besides, I try to understand their conversatoins in English. I dont really like to listen to the English songs and watch love English movie because for me, it has a lot of negative impact than good. But, not all. Now, we have a lot of nasyid song in English. Last but not least, I try to do some simple essay to improve my English.

I think, thats all for today. I hope, we can together learn this language to spread the beauty of Islam. 🙂

Lets English together! ^_^